Steiner Construction Company

Our Services

At Steiner Construction Company, we don’t just build boats. We build boats that work better for you. Custom designed, engineered and built to your specifications. Barges, Fishing Vessels, OSV’s, Passenger Vessels, Patrol Craft—you name it— we will build it. Both with azimuthing thrusters and conventional shaft and propeller propulsion.

Because they’re designed and built for your unique needs, our boats simply perform better, working the way you want them to work. So you get the job done easier and more efficiently with our full-scale shipyard. By working with some of the top naval architects, we can design a vessel to meet your exact specifications.

Within the past three years alone, Steiner has delivered 12 azimuthing thruster vessels, ranging from 70’ to 79’, as well as two 88’ conventional push boats. We have also built tier 3 and tier 4 Line Haul Vessel’s ranging up to 142 ft.