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About Us

No matter how big the boat we diligently attend to the smallest detail. That’s one of the hallmarks of a Steiner boat. Complete and perfect customization. Designed and built to work better for you. Over the long haul.

Steiner Construction Company, Inc., was founded in 2003 by Russell T. (Bubba) Steiner. As a boat builder specializing in push boats, both with azimuth thrusters and conventional shaft and propeller, Bubba is from a family of longtime shipbuilders who are well known for quality and craftsmanship. Bubba brings superior experience and expertise to each and every project we take on at Steiner. We are AWS certified and our team has extensive experience in the shipbuilding industry.


We’re Moving

We’re Moving

We’re moving to new location in 2022 – increased capacity to accommodate boat construction projects.


Our Boats

Push Boat 70' x 28' American Dream

Push Boat 70' x 28' American Way

Push Boat 88' x 34' Andrew Walsh

Push Boat 65' x 28' Houston Honor

Push Boat 70' x 30' Mark Glabb

Push Boat 142' x 44' Ron Nokes

Push Boat 70' x 30' Texas Transporter

Push Boats

American Dream 70’ x 28’ 2000 HP

American Way 70’ x 28’ 2000 HP

Andrew Walsh 88’ x 34’ 2520 HP

Houston Honor 65’ x 28’ 1200 HP

Mark Glabb 70’ x 30’ 2000 HP Push Boat

Ron Nokes 142’ x 44 Conventional 4400 HP

Texas Transporter 70’ x 30’ 1600 HP

Deck Barge

Passenger Ferry

Lobster Boat

Retractable Push Boats